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Making Your Dog’s Dinner Yourself?

Well why not? It can actually work out a lot cheaper to cook for your dog rather than buying tinned or dry food whose contents have a questionable origin.

The obvious way is if you’re cooking for yourself and your family, just add an extra potato, some extra veggies and a little extra meat and for a few pennies more your dog has the same as you!

If you aren’t going to the trouble of cooking a full family meal, you can still cook your dog a tastyu and healthy meal quite simply.

Buy cheap cuts of meat, like stewing steak or even pigs or chickens liver and cut it up into bite-sized chunks. Pop it into a pot with a little oil and fry the meat for a couple of minutes, then add water and some diced vegetables – a medium potato always helps to bulk out the food. The vegetables can be whatever you have that are getting a bit on the old side. Don’t throw them our, cut ’em up and pop them into the pot with the meat and potato! Bring to the boil, then simmer for twenty minutes and voila… home-made doggie stew!

By the way, do let it cool down before you serve it to your best friend, won’t you! They can burn their tongues too!

Terry Didcott
Dogs Wish

Control a German Shepherd? Whew!

In this case we’re talking a German Shepherd bitch.

Chelsea was a handful, there’s no doubt about that. She was very strong, very playful but unfortunately unaware of her own strength. That could have caused problems when children were around, so it meant taking some stern action to keep her in control when kids were around.

While she would love to play with kids and run around like a lunatic, I had to keep stopping her whenever she got excited in case she sent them flying like skittles. Actually she did that once when she was just a puppy, so I knew I had to take action before she grew into a full sized dog!

Obedience training classes were swiftly arranged and although she was disruptive I learned a lot of things in order to keep her as obedient as she was going to get.

Which wasn’t that obedient!

Sure, I could shout at her and she’d usually stop what she was doing and come to me, but she never really became fully trustworthy. I therefore took some extraordinary steps to take her out of harms way.

I moved to a mountainside farm in southern Spain where she wouldn’t be a problem to anyone else. That was also for her own protection, because the laws in England were becoming so tight that all she had to do was bark at someone and they could report her and unbelievably have her put down!

So she spent the rest of her life here in Spain and to be honest, I’m glad I did it.

Terry Didcott
Dogs Wish