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A Break From The Pack!

Let’s take a break from the pack for a moment and look at some of the lighter moments of owning a dog!

We have two little Yorkies and they are great fun. The girl, Daisy is a full pedigree and can be very bossy and willful. The boy, Ronnie is a cross with longer legs than normal and the agility of a cat. In fact, he’s got his own lens over at Squidoo, called Strange Dog (not any more – squidoo ceased to be in 2014.

Daisy and Ronnie

Here they are:

As you can see, they are as cute as can be! That’s Ronnie on the left. That photo was taken last year while we were up at my mountain almond farm north of Malaga.

Ronnie has an amazing ability to jump unbelievably high for his size and to be able to land softly just like a cat. In fact, he was a rescue dog and we are convinced he was brought up by cats because of the amazing acrobatic feats he pulls off – I can be sitting on a kitchen chair and he’ll jump into my lap and land so softly I hardly know he’s there – very un-dog like!

He also has mad half hours where he tears around the house at full pelt like a demented thing dodging chair and table legs jumping over foot-stools and any other obstacles that get in his way! He can even run and jump onto the back of the sofa which is quite high. Strange dog indeed!

Terry Didcott
Dogs Wish

Tales From The Pack #5

Here are some more tales of pack-situation oddities that just don’t translate into “human”!

Marking their scent is a natural behavioural trait of dominant dogs. If your dog starts to do this around your home, that’s just natural territorial marking warning other dogs that this is his place and they should come near at their own peril.

But if he starts doing it in the home, your problem is he is too high ranking in your family pack (as he sees it, not you). Take a look at some of the other posts in this series and see if your dog is getting away with some of the seemingly normal behavioural points I’ve mentioned. If necessary, you’ll have to start putting in his place by taking the lead wherever possible and making sure he knows that you are in charge and not him.

Then the marking should stop once he realises he is not the top dog!

Terry Didcott
Dogs Wish