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The Hermit Dog!

Recently, our strange dog Ronnie has been hogging a lot of the limelight in this blog, so now it’s Daisy’s turn to steal some space in the For Dogs blog!

Daisy is a ten year old full pedigree Yorkshire Terrier (I might have mentioned this before) and is still as lively as ever – except in the mornings. Lately she has taken to hiding when I get up early and want to walk the two of them before breakfast while it’s nice and cool. Ronnie is his usual crazy self and can’t wait to get his lead on and get out the front door. But Daisy?

Nowhere to be seen!

I’ve caught her some mornings hiding in one of the many doggy beds dotted about the house, so I try to gee her up with the usual enthusiastic “Who wants to go for a walk?” routine, but it’s plain from the look she gives me that her answer is “Not me, mate!”

She even slinks off in a mood and goes outside through the cat flap and into her little dog house to escape an early jaunt round the deserted streets. I sometimes wonder who is the strangest of the two of them?

If I leave it for a couple of hours until the sun is well and truly up and life has returned to the streets, she’ll quite happily come for a trot around the block with Ronnie and me, so there’s nothing wrong with her physically – she really is a moody character in the early morning!

I bet if she was a person, she wouldn’t tolerate a nine to five job!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

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Dogs, What Are They Thinking…? #2

Dogs! I couldn’t help it after the last post – I had to follow with another one of these after what I’ve just seen!

Ronnie, our manic Yorkshire Terrier cross has just defied gravity with his latest stunt!

Most dogs like to have a “mad half hour”, where they run around like crazy, chasing their tails and doing all sorts of wacky stuff. Well, Ronnie just had one of his better ones.

He’s extremely agile for such a small dog and can do things most cats would struggle to copy, like jumping vertically onto the back of the sofa and landing so softly you’d barely know he’d done it if you didn’t see him in action.

Well he’s just been running around the room, then out into the hall and back through the main room like a demented banshee yipping and yapping like a mad thing, whilst Daisy (out pedigree Yorkie) sits in her bed and watches him with a look on her that says “I’m not with HIM!”

You have to appreciate the scene here.

The floors in our place are marble and pretty slippery at the best of times for little paws to gain purchase, but Ronnie manages very well. He’s funny when he starts to run as his paws slide for the first few running steps so he resembles something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. But when he gets up a head of steam there’s no stopping him as he charges from room to room. Every time he has to hit the brakes as he careers towards a wall, he just locks up his legs and slides, does a quick mid-air 180ยบ turn and starts running while he’s still sliding in the opposite direction until he gets some grip with his paws and then he’s off again!

Well this last run was the best as he came charging out from the hall through the living room at full pelt straight for the double patio doors and wham! – straight through the cat-flap without even breaking his stride… onto the balcony and leaped into his little doggy house at the far end through the small hole at the front without touching the sides… and landed on the cushion inside in the curled up snoozing position!

Now that was a slick move!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

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