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Who Wants to Go Walkies?

As the days are getting shorter and the mornings darker, later, getting both dogs to go out for that nice brisk early morning walk is always fun and games.

Ronnie is always up for a walk – in fact he’s got so used to it that as soon as my eyes are open he magically appears by the side of the bed in eager anticipation of what’s to come. Daisy is the exact opposite.

She likes to lie in!

Well, at her age I suppose she’s earned the right to be lazy in the morning. But some days, if both of us are out at work it’s the only chance she’ll get for a long walk. Evening walks are few and far between on those days. So when thst’s the case, I’ll try to tease her out of her nest and gee up some interest and enthusiasm in getting some exercise. Fat chance!

All the while I’ve got Ronnie bounding around like a puppy (he’s only a year younger than Daisy’s 11 years) and jumping up at me all the while. If I don’t keep my full attention on Daisy she’s liable to sneak off out through the cat-flap and hide on the balcony, or disappear into another dark room and hide somewhere out of the way.

Well that was yesterday and she got away with it yet again.

But this morning I was having none of it. I managed to sneakily get my hand underneath her and lift her up before she could slink off into the shadows! I got her lead on her while Ronnie was having a quiet laugh to himself!

It was all such a drama from then on – Ronnie was champing at the bit and dragging me toward the front door. Daisy had four paws planted firmly out in front of her and was trying to drag me away from the front door. This tug of war went on until I managed to get the door open and then it was all change.

Once she realized she’d lost the battle, she changed tack and then went even crazier than Ronnie – and they both dragged me off up the road like they simply must get there before the sky falls in!

Dogs are funny things, especially when you have two with such different characters!

How dull life would be without them!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

On the Lap

One particular advantage small dogs have over their larger counterparts is the ability to sit on their owner’s lap.

Just lately, Daisy has taken to having a snooze on my lap as I work on the computer at my desk during the day. She hardly weighs more than a bag of sugar, so I often forget she’s there and there have been the odd time when I’ve decided to get up for something and nearly tipped her onto the floor!

Luckily, being a dog with the usual amount of sixth sense, Daisy lets me know a split second before I start to rise from my chair, so although the momentum takes me to a half standing point before my own reflexes kick in, I manage to catch her before she tumbles!

Let that be a warning to owners of Great Danes! You wouldn’t want to tip one of those off your lap in a hurry!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

PS: Alexa today: 724,368