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Dog in the Lap of Luxury!

Ronnie is a strange dog, there’s no getting away from it. Although he’s like plenty of other dogs in his love of all things soft and comfortable. He’s not allowed on the beds, although we’ve already seen that he’ll disobey that one when he thinks there’s no one around to catch him.

Ronnie Strange DogBut he is allowed on the sofa and he takes full advantage when some of the cushions are nicely laid up together. Here he’s managed to make a nice comfy nest for himself and you can just see the happiness on his face as he nestles in to that nice warm bed.

He has a strange ritual that he goes through before he perches himself atop cushions and it’s fascinating to watch because it is so cat-like. He does the usual doggy-like walk-around-in-circles for a while, then he moves all four legs up and down just like a cat would, moving the cushions into the perfect position (at least he thinks so) for ages before circling a few more times and then finally settling down.

Sometimes he’ll be doing that little ritual for ages and then plonk himself down only to jump up a few seconds later as he decides he doesn’t want to sleep there after all and then goes and stretches out on the floor like a proper little dog!

Strange bloke!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

Dogs Do Some Funny Things

Dogs do make me laugh when they do the craziest things and I have one of the craziest dogs around in that little bundle of lunacy, Ronnie.

It’s still dark in the mornings when I take him for his first walk of the day (I like the quietness at 6.30 am) and right now the sky is an interesting place with Venus in Scorpio sitting lower towards the eastern horizon and – hey this is the wrong blog for my Astronomy lesson! Anyhow, walking the streets at that time with Ronnie is a real peaceful and calming exercise – or it would be if he wasn’t such a nut case!

Being small and energetic, he wants to go scrabbling off into all kinds of dark nooks and crannies at the end of his leash with four legs churning away and not really going anywhere thanks to his restraint! But he doesn’t seem to care and I can’t believe the amount of times he manages to wrap that damn leash around lamp posts – it seems like every one we pass he has to run around it as many times as his leash will allow – then sit there panting away at me with the biggest grin on his face as if to say, “Now untangle that mess!”

I wonder who end up looking sillier – a idiotically grinning Ronnie or a frantic me trying to free him from his latest lamp post!

Wouldn’t life be boring without a dog!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs