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Funny Dogs

In my last short post For Dogs Who DO Have to Work!, I managed to capture Ronnie with my phone camera as he sat on my lap whilst I was at the computer and post the funny dog picture here onto this blog.

Funny DogsWell, there’s not a whole lot to put into this post except maybe another photo of that funny dog (or strange dog) Ronnie in another of his odd poses.

It’s like he’s giving me the look as if to say “I’ve had just about enough of you sticking that camera in my face, now push off mate!”

Poor bloke, I do point it at him a lot and he usually manages to turn away at the crucial moment. But not this time. Caught him fair and square!

It’s warming up here in southern Spain now, so it’ll soon be time for Ronnie and Daisy to go for their Spring haircuts, so the next batch of photos should be of much tidier and well groomed funny dogs!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

For Dogs Who DO Have to Work!

Wot are you looking at, pal?
For Dogs

Even a strange dog like Ronnie likes to get in on the action every now and again. After my last post For Dogs Who Don’t Have To Work!, I thought this sudden about turn would bring a smile to your faces… and here he is, on my lap pretending to be writing his own blog post!

Maybe he was getting bored laying on the sofa with Daisy watching me toil away and decided to do his bit! Either way, I couldn’t resist the chance to snap him on my phone, which was handy by the side of me.

Ronnie the Strange Dog obliged with this fantastic pose which really says it all!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs