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Dogs and Health

My last few posts have been photo oriented, like the last one Funny Dogs, where it’s pretty plain to see that Ronnie has had enough of being photographed just lately, so I’ve left him alone for a while. On this post, dogs and health, its not quite what you’re thinking.

In fact, I’ve been contemplating the fact that I spend far too much time sitting in front of this thing typing away and not taking enough care of my own health with regards to getting exercise. Well, recently I changed that to making a point of taking the dogs out twice a day for good long walks.

The dogs, of course love it!

This all began a couple of months ago when I got really busy and wasn’t finding enough time to get out more than for just a quick walk around the block in the mornings before I started work. That led to very long days with not much movement in between and I saw myself put on two kilos in weight.

Something had to be done.

So I made a conscious decision to get up and walk away from this thing in the early evening and give the dogs a second treat of the day (as well as myself). Where I live its very hilly with some nice steep hills to walk up and down, which exercise-wise is apparently much better for you than simply walking along flat roads. Great. Not to mention the additional dog agility training that went into it as well!

Also, we have the choice to go further up where the views of the coastline are pretty cool, or go down to the beach and walk along the promenade, then back up the hill to home. Either way, the walks are about an hour long, which is much better than sitting here typing and drinking coffee to keep awake.

So the dogs and health are an important combination that every writer should have.

Terry Didcott
For Dogs