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Summer Dog Haircuts

Apologies firstly for not being here for a while, but after my last post Dogs and Health, I got a bit sidetracked with that four letter word: WORK!!! Yes, I do have to earn my crust and as I write online I have to take the freelance jobs when they arrive, they take precedence over anything else.

So what’s been happening with our two little Yorkies since I last wrote in here? Well, for one thing as summer is upon us once again, they have had their summer dog haircuts and here’s a picture of them out and about to prove it:

Yorkshire Terriers They all of a sudden don’t look too much like Yorkies any more, do they? In fact, Ronnie looks more like a miniature doberman than what he’s supposed to be!

Daisy just turns her head away every time I point a camera at her, as she’s probably rather embarassed at her new hairdo! Still, it keeps them cool for the hot summer months that we experience here in southern Spain, although what often happens is that by August, they’ve grown a fair proportion of that coat back again and have to suffer the last few weeks of the Spanish heat with overcoats on!

I’ve managed to snap a few more pics of the two of them and will post them in later posts as its always nice to see them in the flesh so to speak!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs