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Kong Toys For Dogs

Kong toys for dogsKong toys for dogs has suddenly grabbed my attention, especially as once again I’ve left it a bit long to post in here since my last post “Summer Dog Haircuts”. That’s because time constraints are really biting now. Nevertheless, there are a multitude of sites that need care, love and attention and this one deserves some too! So I thought I’d change tack a little here and talk about some interesting things that dogs like and get endless amounts of fun from. Kong toys for dogs are really cool doggy entertainment so this post will cover some of the better known and loved dog toys from Kong.

First of all, if you’ve never heard of Kong toys for dogs, you might be wondering what on earth they are.

Well, in the mid 1970s, the new brand of dog toys, Kong was born. Their philosophy was to produce dog toys that were resilient, tough and hard wearing along with features that would be beneficial for dogs to play with plus fun too.

The first Kong toys for dogs were the red, round sort of half rugby ball shaped things with a hole in one end. The idea behind the design was primarily to stop certain hunter-killer behaviour in certain dog breeds, ie when you throw them a ball it goes in a straight line teaching the dog to chase it down and “kill” once caught, by chewing it up into little pieces.

Kong dog toys are different in that when you throw it for your dog, it does not go in a straight line. Rather, it careers all over the place like a rugby ball but worse, never going in a straight line, so that dogs with that chase-down-and-kill instict cannot satisfy that part of their personality. Instead they have to chase the Kong dog toy all over the place constantly changing direction as they chase it. When they finally “catch” their prey, killing it becomes almost impossible because the high density rubber the Kong dog toy is made of is too tough for dogs to chew up.

Also, to add to the entertainment value, the Kong dog toy was made hollow so that you can fill the inside with dog biscuits or some other treat so that when your dog catches the Kong dog toy, it gets a treat!

As time went by, the Kong toys for dogs range expanded with different sized original Kongs plus other similarly resilient, tough and hard wearing toys joining their range of fun dog toys. The range now includes dental chews that are perfect for cleaning your dog’s teeth while it enjoys a good chew. There is a zoom groom toy that doubles as a fur brush but is made of the same tough rubber as the Kong toys for dogs, so if your dog wants to steal it and chew it up, well it can steal it all right but it won’t be able to destroy it by chewing!

The range of Kong toys for dogs also includes a black Kong, which is patented as the world’s strongest rubber dog toy. It is the same shape as the red original, just even tougher! There is also a Kong ball, which in my opinion flies in the face of the whole idea of preventing dogs chasing down their prey, so it is not a good toy for an attacking breed such as a German Shepherd or Rottweiler but its ok for the non-attack oriented dog breeds and is almost indestructible.

So if you want to buy your dog a long lasting, fun and entertaining dog toy, the Kong is perfect for all breeds as it comes in several sizes to suit the size of breed. By the way, this is not an ad for Kong toys, just a review with no links to their sites. I’m writing it because I have had Kong dog toys of various sizes for my dogs in the past and now in the present and they have all been the perfect dog toy. I will be looking at other brands of dog toys in future articles to balance things out, but Kong gets the first bite of the cherry because in my opinion, Kong toys for dogs are the best and my personal favourite (and that of my current strange dogs, by the way!)

Terry Didcott
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