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Dogs on the Beach

Firstly, I must apologise for not posting anything in here for over 2 months since my last post Dogs and Pools. Its been a very busy time for me and I have so many other projects on the go that it takes forever to get round all the blogs just now. Things should hopefully improve soon as some projects can be left in set-and-forget mode and earn their keep passively.

Now to this blog and it’s website. This place was originally put together as a static site and meant as a bit of a memorial to Chelsea, my German Shepherd who died two years ago and left me with a great big hole in my life. Luckily, my partner has the two Yorkies that have since taken over this blog with their photos and stories of their antics.

So here’s another one which is nice and recent and involves the southern Spanish coast in the closed season (meaning there are relatively few tourists here), a deserted beach, two mad Yorkies and their dozy owners!

Well, as its fairly quiet this time of year, its nice to walk down to the beach with the dogs and enjoy a stroll along the Paseo Maritimo. Even better when a large area of beach is devoid of all human interlopers. That means leads off and dogs free!

Well, they aren’t doing any harm and we clean up any crap they might leave. They love to run around like mad things and get covered in sand! Great fun and of course we enjoy walking along the beach too!

Imagine our chagrin, when we left the beach and started to head back home and saw the sign… in big red lettering that is pretty prominent saying “Perros prohibido en playa” which means no dogs on the beach – anyone caught will face hefty fines (I’m not saying how much). Mmm. Makes you wonder sometimes how unobservant we can be when we’re enjoying ourselves!

…and to all the do-gooders who will doubtless pipe up and quote the rule-book at me as to why dogs should not be allowed on the beach, please allow me a preemptive strike… I couldn’t give a rats…!

Life is for enjoying and when you own a dog, your life in enriched many fold. Its then you begin to realise that the rulebook thumpers and politically correct party poopers of this world probably don’t know how rewarding it is to actually feel so alive and happy!

Anyway, its nice to be back and ornery as ever!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs