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Dog Toys

A nice way to follow my last post Dogs on the Beach, where my two little rascals had a great time on the sand, when they weren’t really supposed to, is to look at some great games you can play with your dogs and some of the dog toys that make a good dog game into a really great dog game!

Ok, we all know that dog toys come in a tremendous range and to cover even a small fraction of them in one post would be impossible, so I’m going to concentrate on just a few dog toys and see where it takes me.

I’ve already made a big mention about the popular Kong dog toys in an earlier post Kong toys for dogs, so no need to go back and re-visit these indestructible dog toys that are probably the best on the market.

So what does that leave us with in terms of looking at dog toys? Well, there are plenty of plush dog toys around that are really popular and are great for dogs to play with and make great dog games when you join in. The downside to plush dog toys is that they are certainly far from indestructible toys and will soon be demolished by your dog’s strong jaws and teeth. My two can usually shred their way through a plush dog toy in under an hour when they’re in the mood!

So that takes us on to something a little more robust in the dog toys market. Well, what about these great dog treats – rawhide bones and rawhide shapes for dogs! They perform a dual purpose for your dog by first giving him something fun to play with that he won’t destroy quite so quickly and it is good for your dog’s teeth. That’s because they’ll chew away at it for ages which cleans dogs teeth naturally.

It reminds me of a time when Chelsea, my German Shepherd dog was still quite young. She was around 9 months, so well out of the puppy stage and starting to gain that mature adult look, although she still wasn’t up to full size. My girlfriend (who had given me Chelsea as a birthday present) had bought her a pack of two of those rawhide shoes shaped chews to play with, which she found to be a great source of entertainment. She managed to demolish it pretty quickly with those strong developing teeth and jaws of hers, so we gave her another one to play with soon after the first.

Well, she soon obliterated that one too and that was it, as there were only two. We went to bed that night without giving it another thought. When we got up the next morning, my girlfriend was not too happy with her loving gift to me…

Chelsea had got hold of a pair of her best leather boots and chewed them to shreds in the night!

There’s a lesson to be learned when playing games with your dog and the dog toys that you give them. Make sure they don’t resemble items of your prized possessions,just in case your dog takes too much of a shine to them and when the toys is destroyed, they go on to the next item that they believe should be in their toy basket…

Dog behavior is not always all that difficult to figure out when you can see the obvious side to it! On that note, I’ll leave you until next time. Oh, and have a nice Christmas and I’ll see you on the other side!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs