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Barking Dogs

Welcome back to another of these rare posts! Ok, they’re getting scarcer but there are over 50 posts stored in here now, so I think there’s enough to keep anyone reading into the wee small hours! Anyway, this post is going to be about barking dogs and how they can be a nuisance to some people and a comfort to others.

When you live in an enclose street, or in a small estate where building face onto each other dogs barking can echo around the place and amplify to levels that can be annoying especially to those people who are not dog lovers (yes, such an entity exists amongst us real humans!). There’s not much you can do about it without taking drastic and what would end up being hugely unpopular action, so how can the problem be minimised or at least restricted so that its not going on all day.

As you know, when one dog starts, another joins in and then another until you have a cacophony of barks, yaps, howls and growls all going on at once! As one dog stops, a new one starts so this can go on for a while!

To minimise the problem, you could try keeping your dog indoors when you’re not at home. I know that is probably what most dog owners do anyway, but there are plenty who leave their dogs in the back yard or garden while they’re out. Why they should want to do this is odd – surely you’d want your home’s best chance of warding off a potential house breaking burglar to be inside where he’ll do the most good and not outside where he is ineffective! But then some people simply don’t think along those lines, until they’re broken into and their dog is barking his head off out in the yard where the burglar, from an upstairs window is giving it the finger as he rifles through your stuff.

Of course, a barking dog is supposed to deter a burglar and its true. But when there are several dogs barking away at once and they’re all outside, people get immune to the noise and ignore the warning that one of those poor dogs is trying to give.

Still want to keep your dog outside?

A dog inside the house is much more effective as an anti-burglar device because no self respecting burglar is keep to go head to head with the jaws of a snarling, angry dog, especially if its a big one! Any burglar faced with a house containing a dog will usually skip it and go next door (to the house who’s owner thinks its better to keep the dog chained up in the back yard). With nothing in the house to give him any trouble, your average burglar is going to get in, trash your home, steal what he can, smash up what he can’t and probably throw the contents of your fridge at the dog through the kitchen window just to show he’s probably a bigger dog lover than you are!

So, next time you’re being driven mad by the local dog chorus, spare a thought for why they’re all barking. Maybe, just maybe one of your neighbours is being burgled while you’re cursing at his dog for making so much noise. Of course, if you spot one back yard dog who suddenly stops barking and starts eating, you have probably found the culprit and where it all started from!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs