Dog Breeds: Something for Future Posts?

Breeds of dogs, eh? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into the subject of different dog breeds as this is a huge topic and of course means a lot of research on my behalf, as no one can know everything about all the many breeds of dog. It also means a heck of a lot of article to write as there is always so much in-depth information that can be included in an article for each breed.

So I think I’ll compromise.

I’ll start by writing about some of the dog breeds I do know a fair bit about, then later start adding some of them that I don’t know so much about. It will make for some interesting posts!

I was going to start with German Shepherds, as my last dog was one and she was very special to me. She also has her own page on this site (Chelsea) that you can find on the navigation bar at the top of this page. She died just over a year ago and is still with me in my thoughts – I don’t suppose I’ll ever get over losing her.

So I decided, instead, to start the dog breeds ball rolling with Yorshire Terriers, seeing as I just so happen to be sharing a house with two if the little rascals at this moment in my life.

So that will be the subject of my next post.

I don’t imagine that every post from now on will be on different dog breeds, or this blog will turn into a boring (for me as well as most of my readers!) manual on dog breeds. I don’t want it to be that, so I’ll keep posting on different doggy subjects and then throw the odd breed article in amongst them just to keep the variety and light-hearted feel that keeps this blog growing in popularity.

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

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5 thoughts on “Dog Breeds: Something for Future Posts?

  1. Liudmila

    I think it’s a very difficult theme to write.First of all, there are too many sources writing about them. I would say, the huge theme could be educational and difensive way of describing breeds.

    Here in Italy there are too many cases when dogs, specially fighting dogs, attac and even kill persons and children. Not because they are bad, but because the persons don’t understand responsability of what are they doing.

    But mass media create monsters from them. Psychological aspect and educative aspect are very importannt in this period, I think. And in the middle of all this I would put stories about what the dogs do for humanity and individuals.

    Excuse me, I think as always as a teacher….

  2. tel Post author

    Yes, it is difficult and I don’t think I’ll be writing on too many breeds, as I simply don’t have the time to research them all at the moment and I don’t want this blog to turn into a dog breeds manual!

    But I think the odd post thrown in here and there about certain breeds that I do know about will be fine – then the variety of this blog will stay intact.


  3. Trent Brownrigg

    I think writing about dog breeds will be a good addition to the blog. You don’t have to make it all about breeds but you can throw in a post about a certain breed every once in a while.

    I love what you are doing here. This is a great blog. I am a huge dog lover and am very knowledgeable about dogs in general, so I have been thinking about starting a blog about dogs myself. Reading this blog has made my decision final that I am going to start one.



  4. tel Post author

    Good for you Trent!

    This place started life as a static website, but I figured I could promote it better and attract a whole lot more traffic if I changed the static homepage to a blog. This is working really well considering I don’t spend as much time promoting it as I initially intended.

    In fact nearly all the traffic comes from social networking sites like MyBlogLog, so it just goes to show how good these sites are for us.

    You should definitely start a doggy blog if its a subject that’s close to yoru heart and you have plenty of knowledge to impart. I can’t wait to see it!

    Terry 🙂

  5. Compo

    Hi, this is a great site for dogs!

    I’m a real dog lover too so this is the perfect place for me to take some time out of my busy day and sit back and have a read through your posts. Good ideas and some funny moments with your dogs. I liked your page about Chelsea – maybe you’ll write some more in there soon?

    Great site for dog lovers, thanks!

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