Small Dogs and Food

Small dogs can be some of the fussiest eaters on the planet and it can be so frustrating at times when whatever you put down for them they just look up at you as if to say “…and this is?”

It doesn’t matter if yesterday it was the tastiest gourmet meal they ever experienced, today it’s pigswill “and you expect me to eat that?” Then they go off to see what unspeakably gross morsel they can find in the garden…

Of course, they’ll eat whatever you’re eating in preference to their own food.

It amazes me that they’ll bite you hand off to get a piece of carrot peel or fight each other to the death for a fallen piece of onion on the kitchen floor rather than eat their own food.

Today was just one of those fun days. Ronnie had eaten all his food this morning but Daisy is infinitely fussier. Well she looked down at her bowl, then up at me as if I was serving her up a pile of rocks! Needless to say, she gave me the finger and sauntered off to sunbathe on the balcony.

I don’t give in to that behaviour either, so the bowl with it’s food went into the refrigerator. This evening she decided she was hungry so I got her untouched breakfast out and put it down for her. Of course, as they both share what comes out of the tin and I wasn’t opening another one just for Ronnie, he got a bowl of dry food with a little of my leftover tomato soup on top.

Well that did it.

Daisy deliberately knocked her bowl over and scattered its contents over the floor then tried to push Ronnie away from his bowl so she could eat his. As he’s a wimp and will simply let her do what she wants for a quiet life I had to intervene.

I picked her up and took her into the other room and closed the door on her, where she simply stamped her foot and barked her little head off!

Ronnie gobbled his food up while the coast was clear then went out to the balcony to keep away from his angry step-sister!

I ended up scraping up all the food off the kitchen floor and put it back in Daisy’s bowl. I let her out of the room where she just trotted merrily into the kitchen, flicked her hair at me as if to say “bite me” and proceeded to eat her meal!

Don’t you lust love ’em

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

4 thoughts on “Small Dogs and Food

  1. Liudmila

    It’s amazing really. Imir, our male dog, did everything he saw me doing. They even understood how to open walnuts to eat them without waiting that we open them. Imagin, the dogs that go out from the room to take a walnut from the bag, turn back in the room, open it, eat the internal side, than go out from the room to take the next walnut – and so all day.Once we had 2 plastic bags full with walnuts and they finished them in 2-3 months!

  2. tel Post author

    Ha, my Chelsea used to try that one with almonds from my trees when we lived on the mountainside farm.

    Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t crack the hard shells. She used to find the ones that had fallen from the trees and bring them to me and drop them in my lap for me to crack for her!

  3. Rose

    funny funny funny hahahaha
    having 2 dogs is mean double fun but also double mess lol.

    Darryl, my shih tzu was never fed with our food before, but since there’s sometimes leftover food and i feel sorry to toss it, i just gave to him and since then he always jump jump for anything i hold, its seems like he not eat for years.

    I only have 1 dog, and his bowl always filled, in case he feel hungry, but usually he never take his food when i’m not at home, after i back from work and he see that i not bring another food, then he take his eukanuba hahahaha

    They really cute and smart 🙂

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