Walking The Dog… Continued!

Further to the last post, there are a few more behavioural traits you can iron our whilst walking your dog.

One is when walking along town or city streets you’ll often find yourself in a street with parked cars lining either side of the road. Inevitably you’ll need to cross to the other side and this is a time for reinforcing your dominant position over your dog.

When you find a gap in the cars, stop and make your dog sit. Then you go first.

Don’t let him force his way out in front or you’ll be promoting him above you by letting him go through the small gap first (go back and see my previous post on that one!). If he tries to go first, you must stop, pull him back if necessary, make him sit again then you go first and make sure he can only follow by walking close to the car on the dog’s side – he’ll have to walk behind you.

This leads on to crossing any road no matter how quiet or busy. When you get to the point where you will cross, you must stop at the kerbside and make your dog sit. Even if there is no traffic approaching. Do this every time and you dog will learn by repetition that this is the correct behaviour whenever crossing any road.

It may just save his life.

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

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