Dogs in the Home…

Here’s two cute little dogs tucked away in their bed! Well, Ronnie looks like he’s about to fall out but at least Daisy seems perfectly comfortable enough to put on her sweetest face for the camera!

Daisy and Ronnie cuddled up in bed...

With dogs in your home, you’re never bored as there is always something going on – even when they’re tucked up in bed. Well, then they just make the perfect model for a picture.

This post is really just about how perfectly normal it seems to be to have dogs around the house. I couldn’t imagine how quiet things would be without them. They are always getting up to mischief or playing happily together – although there are often tug-of-war fights over who gets to play with the furry toy of the moment. Although Daisy is the smaller of the two, she is definitely the boss and poor Ronnie nearly always loses out. He just rolls over and lets her beat him up – he’s the soft one of the pair!

The only time Ronnie ever gets to keep the toy is when it’s his favourite and he gets it into his head that he’s keeping hold of it no matter what. Then his superior agility comes into play and he’ll let Daisy chase him around the house with the toy in his mouth – every time she gets close enough he’ll just leap onto a high piece of furniture like a cat and she’ll just stay on the ground and shout at him!

Never a dull moment!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs