On the Lap

One particular advantage small dogs have over their larger counterparts is the ability to sit on their owner’s lap.

Just lately, Daisy has taken to having a snooze on my lap as I work on the computer at my desk during the day. She hardly weighs more than a bag of sugar, so I often forget she’s there and there have been the odd time when I’ve decided to get up for something and nearly tipped her onto the floor!

Luckily, being a dog with the usual amount of sixth sense, Daisy lets me know a split second before I start to rise from my chair, so although the momentum takes me to a half standing point before my own reflexes kick in, I manage to catch her before she tumbles!

Let that be a warning to owners of Great Danes! You wouldn’t want to tip one of those off your lap in a hurry!

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

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7 thoughts on “On the Lap

  1. Rose

    my sis once sit in my puppy. lucky she’s ok. Small dog like to follow wherever you go and they are too tiny to notice sometimes lol

  2. tel Post author

    I know, sometimes Daisy lies down right behind my office chair and I have to be careful I don’t run her over with the wheels when I slide backwards to get up!

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