Strange Dog

I mentioned in the last post Dog in the Lap of Luxury!, that Ronnie is a strange dog. A very strange dog, if the truth be known.

This afternoon he “found” one of his old toys buried under the sofa which was one of those soft plastic chicken legs that squeak. Previously untouched with the squeaker still operational (very unusual for a toy of Ronnie’s). Well, not for long!

He did a sort of lap of honour around the room with his prize in his mouth (a deliberate taunt directed at Daisy who pretended to ignore him) and then leaped halfway across the room onto the sofa (why walk when you can fly?) where he proceeded to dismantle the thing bite by bite.

Now this is all great entertainment for Ronnie, who sat there for the best part of an hour systematically ripping this plastic chicken leg into little pieces to get at the prize in the middle – the squeaker! We don’t know if the sound of the squeaker in these squeaky toys drives him insane (they drive me insane) so he has to “kill” them, or he just has a sadistic streak and likes to tear things into little pieces, distribute them all round the room and then chew the squeaker into a molten lump of congealed plastic.

Whichever it is, Ronnie takes great pleasure in “killing” squeaky toys of all descriptions! I have to admit, I enjoy the end bit the best when he finally silences that annoying noise.

Not such a strange dog, after all?

Terry Didcott
For Dogs

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