Tales from the Pack #1

Dogs have the pack instinct, as I mentioned in a previous post. No matter what their size or how domesticated you might think they are, they still have that instinct inbuilt and programmed into their whole beings.

So if you think you can treat your dog like he’s a person, forget it! You might think that way, but he sure does not.

A common mistake people make is in attributing human emotions to their dog. Dogs do not have human emotions, no matter what you might read into the look on their face. They might look sad, but they are not sad in the sense that we express sadness. Here’s en example.

In the pack situation, when a weaned puppy is expecting his mother to feed him solid food, he’ll lick around her mouth to induce her to regurgitate the food she has just eaten. Ok, sounds gross, but that’s exactly what happens.

So when your dog comes up to you and licks your face, he’s not expressing love for you, or kissing you or displaying any of the human traits that we attribute to him. No, he’s trying to make you throw up so he can eat!

Believe it or not, it’s true.

Food for thought…

Terry Didcott
Dogs Wish